Glass goby This fish is transparent like glass ガラスハゼ

There are fish that are transparent like glass. This fish is a member of the goby family and is called the glass goby. It’s only 3cm long so it’s hard to find. When diving in Izu, you will often see a creature that resembles a twisted whip. This creature is a member of the coral family, and the glass goby is attached to this coral.


This creature is a member of the coral family

Fish are transparent when they are born, but as they grow they acquire color. The glass goby remains transparent even as it grows.


 If you look carefully in the water, you can spot small glass gobies. The glass goby has a small body and is transparent, making it difficult to spot. You’ll be lucky if you can find other shrimp and crabs that mimic them.


Glass gobies are difficult to find because they blend in with the coral.


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