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As we get older, our teeth get weaker, so sometimes we think that if we had strong teeth like steel, we could eat anything.

radulas   a flexible ribbon-like membrane


Snails and shellfish have unique teeth called radulas. The radula has teeth arranged in a regular pattern on a flexible ribbon-like membrane, and by moving it back and forth, they scrape off food that has stuck to rocks and other surfaces and eat it.

they scrape off food that has stuck to rocks


 There are organisms in the living world that have metal teeth. If you go to the shore, you can find small limpets. Limpets are also a type of snail.

 There are organisms in the living world that have metal teeth.


When I was keeping various marine creatures in an aquarium, a limpet accidentally got inside. Two or three days later, there was a clear trace of the limpet’s movement on the side of the glass aquarium. The glass had been scraped by the limpet’s radula.



 It has recently been discovered that the tiny teeth of limpets are made of a “hybrid material” that is a mixture of both organic and inorganic components (metals). It has also been found to contain long, extremely thin nanofibers made from the extremely hard mineral goethite.

Unfortunately, humans don’t have metal teeth, so we have to take good care of them.